This will be part of a book of Thorsson's photos of molluscs in his files under a main folder, "Molluscs.  Chapters in this Feature will be by family names used in Thorsson's files. When converted to a CD book, they will be placed in taxonomic order indicated in Hawaiian Marine Shells by E. A. Kay (1979) or in A Classification of the Living Mollusca, Vaught, 1989.

Some of my files were named by other than family names such as Berthault photos.  When I put them in Feature 6 they will be on pages by the correct family names.

Family names alone do not reflect  their correct placement in taxonomic order. 

The length of IHSN sections are regulated to result in an Acrobat version that is about 1 megabyte in size which can be downloaded by computers with moderately fast access to the Internet..

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0903Fea6         Aclididae    Adeorbidae    Amathinidae  Hydatinidae   
0904Fea6 Architectonicidae
0905Fea6 Architectonicidae

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